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Serviced hosting

net+ offers blazing fast serviced hosting and support packages through a partnership with and jp-domains. We can tailor a hosting and support package for a wide range of needs.

We provide a full service hosting environment with 24×7 monitoring, regular on and offsite backups and regular pro-active security updates. If you host with net+ you don’t have to worry about anything, we take care of all your needs from maintaining mail servers right through to security updating to keep your valuable customer data safe.

Our cloud based flexible hosting architecture allows us to provide low cost solutions for low traffic websites and virtual independent environments with flexible resource limits for high traffic websites or sites which experience spikes in traffic.

Serving from independent environments means the serving platforms are hardware agnostic and in the rare case of a hardware failure or server overload accounts or even full servers can be dynamically moved to new hardware with minimal interruption.

Data safety

Business data safety is something we take very seriously at net+, as site builders we understand how much time and money is invested into creating online stores, CMS or any type of website.

We have many ways of protecting your investment. First and foremost is providing a reliable, un-crowded server with top notch hardware and multiple redundant disks.

The second level of protection comes through multi-layer backups, first at the system level then at the site level. Backups are recorded on server for quick recovery and also off-site for added safety in the event of a large-scale disaster.

Top level hosting for your website.

Top level hosting for your website.

I want hosting, but how much will it cost?