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Web Design

Beautiful and effective.

At net+ we use a myriad of design skills to come to the final production version. The most important of these being analysis and use based design. Before the design process begins a competitor and user analysis is performed to ensure that your site will be well received and convert well.

Once the initial designs have been created net+ can test the usability of the designs using members of your target audience to further refine the user experience and ensure the highest conversion rates. Our well rounded analytic skills work well with traditional interactive and graphic design skills to produce beautiful and effective results.

To the right you can see an example of one of these techniques, click heat mapping. We use this technique analyse where a users attention is placed within the site to best situate call to action buttons and advertisements.

Click heat mapping. One of the techniques we use to track user behaviour.

Click heat mapping. Analysing user behaviour.

Cutting edge technology.

HTML5, CSS3, Responsive design. Every website and application that net+ builds sits atop a hidden mountain of cutting edge technology. This technology and adhesion to web standards allows us to produce websites which not only work well on every PC, tablet and handheld today, but that will continue to work on devices created in the future.

Using new-age code and techniques we have found during website renewals we can reduce the load time of clients pages by around 50% on average while making the page compatible with a wider range of browsers. This has a huge impact on the usability of the website and directly positively effects the conversion rates and search rankings.

CMS websites

The website we produce are easy to edit. Our sites are built on top of a system called a CMS. These systems allow our clients to update their own websites without any programming, just by typing directly into the web page like you would for a blog.

By utilizing the CMS not only is it easier for the client, but we can dynamically produce social media updates, integrate dynamic content, integrate search and allow a great boost to SEO through dynamic sitemaps and keywording.

Multi-lingual websites

We can help you publish your website in as many languages as you require. Our multi-lingual CMS allows us to associate pages between languages, users can switch language anywhere on the site without losing their place.

Our staff are native English and Japanese speakers that specialise in producing media in those two languages. Once your multi-language site is built we can help you maintain your site with ongoing translation support.

Outside of English and Japanese our translation system lets us provide high quality human translation in over 20 languages for as low as 20 JPY a word. You need only update your site or blog in a single language, 12 hours later it will appear fully translated in your target languages with no work required.

That sounds great, but how much will it cost?