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Mobile design

Popularity of mobile.

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important; internet usage from phones and tablets is projected to exceed personal computers by 2015. With 1.08 billion smartphones in the world and 52% of all business searches performed from mobile devices, it’s a platform you can’t ignore.

Although every website net+ produces is mobile tested and compatible, it is possible to go a step further and produce a responsive design. This type of website not only looks great on a desktop but reshapes and resizes itself automatically to look great on mobile devices and respond to touch too.

The added ease of use and shorted load times equate to users spending more time on your website which in turn increases conversions and retention.

Responsive Homepage Design

Responsive homepage produced for Canyons Japan

Why net+

Net+ has a great deal of experience with mobile devices and page development. Aside from regularly testing every website we produce on a wide range of mobile devices. We have made multiple responsive sites covering iPad, iPhone, Android and windows mobile.

These include responsive designs like App-enabled homepages with geolocation such as and full mobile applications such as Stackr.

Successful deployments

Mobile sites produced by net+ currently receive in excess of a million page-views monthly and are growing quickly. In addition to mobile websites we can also simultaneously deploy mobile specific analytics and provide real-time tracking of mobile interactions to demonstrate how they are affecting your business. Jump to our portfolio or have a look at some of our best work,,

I want to go mobile, but how much will it cost?