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Canyons Mobile Site

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  • Responsive Japanese and English Homepage Design

    Responsive multi-lingual homepage produced for Canyons Japan

Services provided

  • Site Redesign
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO
  • Forms
  • Hosting

Project Overview

Canyons is one of the leading outdoor adventure companies in Japan providing year round tours in many areas.

Due to Canyons popularity the website receives a high volume of traffic. During times of media coverage the traffic volume surges even higher and up-time becomes critical.

Net+ was brought in to optimize the website to reduce server load and provide elastic cloud based hosting which could handle any amount of traffic.

After the optimization was complete and great results were achieved we were re-contracted to provide a full mobile-responsive site renewal and modify the design to increase the conversion rate.

The end result is a site which is compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers, provides a faster more responsive booking experience for the customer and has a great conversion rate.

Website statistics

Page size (home): 2400KB
Page load (inner): ~8 seconds
Page load (cached): ~3 seconds
Server speed: low
Booking send time: ~30 seconds

Page size (home): 1200KB
Page load (inner): ~3 seconds
Page load (cached): ~0.5 seconds
Server speed: 4x increase
Booking send time: ~5 seconds

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